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Wire that restores lives

The Leader in Medical Wire

At Fort Wayne Metals, we never lose sight of the fact that the wire we draw will end up in medical devices used to save lives. It's this philosophy that has allowed us to grow from a small wire mill in 1970 to the market leader for custom-drawn precision fine wire for medical and surgical products in the United States.

Whether you're looking for round wire or flat wire of any shape, strands or composites like DFT®, Titanium alloys or Nitinol, Fort Wayne Metals will custom draw the product you need. Our production facilities are geared specifically for producing medical grade wire and cable. We offer a large variety of cleaning processes to fit your needs. And if you're looking for special shapes, end welds or beads, our custom assembly operation can accommodate virtually every application.

So no matter what your application demands - talk to Fort Wayne Metals, the leader in surgical and medical wire.

Product Info
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Reduce snags.

Our patent-pending new Endura™ bobbin increases braiding uptime. 

Alternating Core Composite™

ACC™ Wire

One uniform sheath. Alternating core materials.

A surprised baby.

Silk™ Nitinol

Nothing is smoother than our oxide-free Silk Nitinol.



Velocity™ kit for R&D

Get your wire faster.

We ship in three days or less with our new Velocity™ program.


Stronger CP Titanium

Introducing 4TiTUDE™: it's as strong as alloyed Titanium.


Cable Assembly

Source your Custom Assemblies from the cable experts: Download the info sheet.